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Do long-term care facilities mishandle claims of sexual abuse?

A recent article exposed a disturbing statistic: Since 2000, over 16,000 complaints of sex crimes have been reported in long-term care facilities across the United States. The data, collected by the Administration for Community Living, tracked only complaints where state long-term care ombudsmen became involved in the case resolutions.

Is criminal sentencing reform making an impact in Indiana?

The Indiana General Assembly passed a law in 2014 that permits courts to convert Class D felony convictions to Class A misdemeanors in certain circumstances. However, the application of those prerequisites to real life criminal cases may require some trial and error.

Withheld pro-defense evidence may uncover wrongful convictions

When it comes to criminal cases, society doesn't benefit from the government trying to win at any cost. Our justice system isn't supposed to railroad the defendant, but to prove his or her innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. It's intentionally set up with the prosecution going head to head, arguing different outcomes from the same set of facts.

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