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Anonymous tip leads to indictment for alleged drug crimes

A resident of northwest Indianapolis has been arrested and indicted on suspicion of several drug crimes based upon the results of a joint investigation by the Plainfield police department and the Metropolitan Drug Task Force. The suspect is facing charges for possession with intent to distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine and related criminal charges.

Charged with fraud? Don't cheat yourself out of a strong defense.

White-collar crime charges are serious offenses, and Indiana residents convicted of these types of crimes could face a myriad of penalties that may impact the rest of their lives. If you find yourself under investigation for a white-collar crime or you are already facing charges, there is no time to lose in protecting your interests.

Four teenagers facing gun charges after traffic stop

Traffic stops in Indianapolis generally do not lead to serious criminal charges, but occasionally, a police officer will notice something about the vehicle or the driver that arouses suspicion about other criminal activity. In such cases, the police may make a thorough search of the vehicle, the driver and any passengers for evidence of additional criminal activity. A recent arrest by the Indiana State police shows how a relatively small violation of the state's traffic laws can lead to the possibility of far more serious criminal charges being lodged against the driver and passengers.

Mall shoe store alleged to be front for suspected heroin dealer

Suburban shopping malls attempt to attract customers by providing a wide array of stores selling a wide variety of merchandise. In a twist on this marketing strategy, police are now alleging that a shoe store in the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis has been used as a front to hide the operations of a suspected heroin dealer. The man alleged to be the mastermind of the operation is now facing charges for a number of drug crimes.

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