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Drugs and cash in hotel room lead to arrest

A suspected drug dealer was arrested in a north side Indianapolis hotel after police received a tip about possible drug dealing. The sequence of events leading to the arrest raises some questions about the methods used by officers and detectives to enter the suspect's hotel room and seize evidence of alleged drug crimes.

Federal drug schedules dictate potential penalties

You may assume that if a police officer here in Indiana arrests you on alleged drug crimes, that you would face charges in the Indiana criminal justice system. Oddly enough, that may not be the case. While many drug crimes remain with the state, you could discover that your case went to federal court.

Two teens charged in death of elderly woman

Many elderly people in Indianapolis depend upon specially trained nurses to help them when they become unable to care for themselves. Unfortunately, some of the people who provide such services elect to betray the trust of their patients. According to Indianapolis police, a pair of young adults are facing criminal charges in connection with the murder and robbery of an elderly patient's wife.

Indianapolis records first homicide in 2018

Indianapolis saw 154 homicides in 2017, the most murders in one year since the city began keeping such records. The first murder in 2017 occurred on January 3, and, now, the first suspected violent crime - also a murder - in 2018 also occurred on January 3. In 2016, the first murder occurred on January 4.

Traffic stop leads to drug and gun charges

Traffic stops often lead to allegations of far more serious crimes. A man and a woman from Indiana learned that lesson when they were stopped by police for failing to obey a stop sign. A search of their car by a K-9 unit of the state police resulted in the pair being arrested and charged with several gun and drug crimes.

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