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Registered sex offender faces new charges

Convicted sex offenders in Indiana are required to report their address, work place, e-mail address and other information to the state as a precaution against further violations. This information is contained in an online database known as the Indiana Sex Offender Registry. This program is intended to serve as a warning system that will help people in Indiana avoid contact with sexual predators. Unfortunately, the system has occasional failures, as demonstrated by a recent federal court indictment of a former youth minister and registered sex offender.

Undocumented immigrant charged with two traffic deaths

The status of undocumented immigrants is one of the most divisive political issues in the United States. The issues were brought into sharp focus when a Guatemalan man was arrested by Indianapolis police and charged with killing a player for the Indianapolis Colts and an Uber driver. The case has been complicated by a tweet from President Trump that assumes the defendant is guilty of the criminal charges against him before he has been tried.

Uber driver wounded in road rage incident

Road rage is a pernicious plague on the streets of Indianapolis. Incidents range from angry gestures or horn honking to physical assault to the occasional incident involving a firearm. Late in the evening of February 1, police believe that a road rage incident evolved into a violent crime that resulted in the wounding of an Uber driver.

Feds charge local coach with sexual assault in two cases

In early December of last year, Muncie police arrested a man who had allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old girl while he was an assistant volleyball coach at Central High School. The county prosecutors who were supervising the case decided to refer the matter to the U. S. Attorney's office for further investigation and potential prosecution of federal sex offenses. One Delaware County prosecutor also noted that federal laws carry tougher penalties for these crimes than do Indiana's statutes.

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