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Muncie police arrest four and seize more than $20,000 in drugs

Muncie police used a six-month surveillance and tips from neighbors to build a case against a couple that allegedly ran a drug ring from their house, selling heroin, crystal meth, cocaine and marijuana. Details of the case remain murky, but four suspects are now facing state and federal drug charges.

Man allegedly killed his friend in Indianapolis

Most murders investigated by Indianapolis police involve anger or hostility between two people. Rarely do murder investigations focus on long-standing friendships. An exception was reported by Indianapolis police, who arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing his longtime friend.

Meth use can cause you to suffer in personal and legal ways

A drug addiction is no beneficial matter. Some people may feel that they need a drug to keep moving forward in life, but in reality, substance abuse causes more damage than good. Though some drugs may have a lesser damaging effect than others, any prolonged use or general misuse of a substance could lead to serious or even permanent damage to a person's body and life.

Aborted marijuana deal leads to attempted murder charge

Drug deals and firearms can be a dangerous combination. On March 29, a young Indianapolis man suffered a gunshot wound to his eye in what appears to be a drug-related shooting. However, despite the seriousness of his wounds, the victim was able to provide police with the name of the suspected shooter, who was apprehended a few days later and now faces serious criminal charges.

Death of bail bond agent shows dangers of the job

Virtually every jail in the country, including the Marion County Jail in Indianapolis, is the de facto office for bail bond agents. While these agents deal almost exclusively with criminal defendants, their line of work is not considered especially dangerous. That perception may change after the shooting death of an Indianapolis bail bond agent at a funeral last week.

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