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Violent 26 hours yields 7 separate shootings in Indianapolis

Shootings are not uncommon in Indianapolis, but the past Monday and Tuesday produced an uncommon streak. In the span of just 26 hours, there were seven separate shooting incidents in the city. Two of the victims of those shootings died. Police are just beginning their investigations of these crimes, but the incidents do not appear to be related to one another.

What terms are used for violent crimes?

Many people consider violent crimes among the most heinous type of criminal activities. In fact, a conviction for murder could come with some of the most serious punishments allowed under law. Of course, some situations are not always what they seem, and if you end up charged in relation to a violent crime, you will certainly want to have your chance to tell your side of the story.

Owners of restaurant chain charged with underreporting income

Prosecutors in Marion County have revealed the results of a three-year long investigation into the owners of a chain of Teppanyaki restaurants in central Indiana. The owners are suspected of underreporting cash sales and, thereby, avoiding sales taxes. Investigators in the Marion County's office did not reveal many details of their investigation, but they pointed to their recently increased efforts to crack down on white collar crime.

Two men steal at least $500,000 in Brinks Truck heist

Thefts of large amounts of cash appear to becoming less frequent. Stealing drugs is at least as efficient as stealing cash, not least because drugs usually weigh substantially less than their worth in cash. This trend may have been temporarily reversed by two men who are believed to have stolen more than $500,000 from a Brink's Security armored truck in Hammond, Indiana. Local police are calling the theft the "biggest robbery the city has ever seen."

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