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Straw purchasers accused of buying guns that killed two officers

The lawful purchase of a gun in Indiana requires the buyer to provide personal and financial information to the seller. The law is intended to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Unfortunately, a number of guns have been purchased by persons who provided the required information, but then gave or sold the gun to persons who used the weapon to commit a crime. Indianapolis prosecutors recently revealed that two such guns were used in the unrelated murders of two police officers.

Federal investigation leads to charges related to gun purchases

Gun crimes are a hot topic in the nationwide news these days, and the Indianapolis area is no exception. Sometimes, there is more to an alleged crime than just the act of violence. In some cases, federal investigators will track down a gun's origin. These types of investigations are closer to the investigation of a white collar crime than a crime of violence.

IMPD and Kansas police cooperate in large drug bust

This blog has previously noted the frequency drugs are delivered to dealers in our state for distribution to small-time sellers of street drugs. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) and the Kansas state police recently joined forces to intercept a large shipment of drugs.

Indianapolis police sergeant charged with official misconduct

Several auto salvage businesses in our state purchase wrecked automobiles, make certain repairs, obtain a salvage title for the cars and sell them to the public. Obtaining a salvage title though, requires the signature of an Indianapolis police officer on a form that certifies that the officer has inspected the major components of the vehicle, confirmed that necessary repairs were made and verified ownership of these parts. But, an Indianapolis police officer has recently been charged with a white collar crime for attempting to subvert this process for his own financial advantage.

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