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Prosecutor declines to charge woman in boy's killing

Many criminal cases proceed from the initial incident to the arrest of the suspect to the posting of criminal charges. In some cases, however, the county attorney's office will decide that it does not have sufficient evidence to establish probable cause for the arrest and the suspect will be released. For example, in a recent murder case, the Marion County Attorney's Office decided to release the prime suspect.

Arrest ends crime streak of 8 robberies in 7 days

Sports fans are accustomed to following streaks -- base hits in a row, consecutive 3-point baskets, completed passes and the like. Crime streaks do not usually generate the same popular attention, but they nevertheless generate headlines. A recent streak of robberies in Indianapolis was ended with the arrest of a suspect, but the numbers are impressive.

Using study drugs could lead to a prescription drug charge

Going to college may have been an event that both you and your child looked forward to for many years. You felt that he or she was ready to strike out and have new experiences while also getting a quality education. Of course, just as any parent would, you also worried about some of the temptations that college campuses can present, particularly when it comes to drugs.

IMPD seizes $750K of suspected heroin and methamphetamines

Police departments do not usually keep track of the relative sizes of their drug busts, but two drug busts that occurred in Indianapolis on July 3 caused an officer of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to describe the seizures as a "once-in-a-career" case. The amount of contraband that was taken into custody appears to be just as remarkable as the nature of the investigation that led to the seizure.

Feds arrest and charge HS track coach with child exploitation

High school coaches often possess unique authority over the kids that they coach. The kids are becoming sexually aware, while the coaches are viewed as possessors of absolute authority. Unfortunately, these relationships provide many opportunities for sexual abuse, as was demonstrated again by the arrest of a track coach at a suburban Indianapolis high school.

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