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What can I do if I am convicted of a sex crime?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, getting convicted of one of Indiana's sex crimes is always a serious affair. Not only will a person likely face the very real threat of prison time, a conviction for a sex crime could also mean hefty fines and very strict terms of probation which can include mandatory counseling and even curfews.

DNA genealogy testing -- cool or an invasion of privacy?

Coming up on the holidays, when you watch television you may see ads for genealogy DNA testing kits. You submit a sample, they send you information about where your ancestors came from. Cool as it may be, many people in Indiana and elsewhere do not consider how doing this could result in an invasion of their privacy.

What is insider trading?

Some residents of the Indianapolis area who pay attention to the news may from time to time hear stories about how a high-powered business executive or even a wealthy individual who happens to invest gets netted in allegations of insider trading. Unfortunately, a person does not need to be a high-roller on Wall Street to be at the center of insider trading allegations. Contrary to what might be a popular image, insider trading does not need to involve "cooking books," shredding documents and the like. It can happen in the course of behavior that, on the surface, is as innocent as a phone call to a friend.

Indiana man arrested after DNA match made via a new state law

Prosecutors in Indiana often rely in part on DNA evidence when making their case against those charged with a crime. A law enacted earlier this year makes it easier for prosecutors to obtain DNA evidence. This has led to over 70 DNA matches, including one recent one involving the theft of a trailer.

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