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18-year-old student charged with rape and sexual battery

Being accused of committing a sex crime can seriously damage the reputation of the accused. Often, people find their jobs in jeopardy even if they are not convicted and their names on sex offenders' lists if they are. For young people, this can permanently hold them back.

Overview of Indiana insurance fraud prosecution

Insurance fraud takes place when an insured party tries to make money from an insurance policy by misrepresenting facts. Some examples of such fraud would include casualty fraud (accident injury claims), property fraud (property damage claims) and workers' compensation fraud (workplace injury or illness claims). While Indiana Code Title 27 and Indiana Administrative Code Title 760 cover the state's overall insurance laws, Indiana Code Title 35 Section 43-5-4 deals specifically with insurance fraud.

Man faces serious charges after a reported drug bust

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department's Flex Team and Narcotics Unit recently seized several Schedule I narcotics allegedly worth $850,000, $16,000 in cash, a handgun, a vehicle and various other drug paraphernalia while helping the Marion County Corrections department on a visit to the home of a 34-year-old man. The incident took place in the N. Olney Street area on the eastern side of Indianapolis.

A conviction may not mean the end of your criminal case

Over the last several months or even years, you have had to go through the necessary proceedings to address the criminal charges that authorities brought against you. Though you worked hard and presented a meaningful criminal defense, the court did not rule in your favor. As a result, you faced a conviction for the charges.

What exactly is a perjury trap?

Many Indianapolis residents who have followed the political news in the last several months have probably heard the phrase "perjury trap." In common parlance, many people may believe it means that a prosecutor is trying to get a high-profile target in criminal trouble by asking difficult or embarrassing questions under oath.

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