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Three face drug charges after being pulled over for speeding

Being accused of a drug crime can land anyone in a legal soup, not just in Indiana but across the country. In addition to the serious charges and the possible conviction and its consequences, those accused of drug crimes often have to deal with a negative social stigma that can last a very long time.

Some possible defenses when accused of sex assault

Being charged with sex assault can be a life-changing setback for any individual as laws in Indiana are harsh when it comes to dealing with people convicted of a sex crime. The situation is worse if the accused is actually innocent and has been framed due to circumstances beyond his or her control. This is often the case when the defendant believes that the sexual acts were performed only after receiving due consent from the person who eventually accused the defendant of sexual assault.

Field sobriety tests a suspected drunk driver has to take

In order to detect whether a person is driving under the influence, the first step that police officers in Indiana and elsewhere usually take is to conduct a set of three standardized field sobriety tests. Although not fully accurate, these tests allow the apprehending officer to assess reasonably whether the driver's intoxication level is within the permissible blood alcohol concentration level of 0.08.

Common white-collar crimes and associated penalties - III

Over the last couple of weeks, the posts on this blog discussed some common white-collar crimes and the penalties associated with those. Those two posts provided an overview of insurance fraud, insider trading, tax evasion and money laundering and the penalties associated with these four white collar crimes.

3 ways criminal charges can be filed

If you find yourself in trouble with law enforcement, you may immediately think that you will have serious charges brought against you. However, a simple traffic stop or other relatively minor interaction with a police officer may not mean that you will face formal charges as some cases may warrant a warning only. Still, the possibility does exist that criminal charges could come against you in other scenarios.

Common white collar crimes and associated penalties - II

Last week's blog post discussed the penalties associated with insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is a white collar crime that attracts penalties both at federal and state levels. In addition to insurance fraud, some other common white collar crimes are insider trading, tax evasion, money laundering and embezzlement. This post will discuss the penalties associated with insider trading, tax evasion and money laundering.

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