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Penalties associated with drunk driving in Indiana

In Indiana and the rest of the country, the highest blood alcohol concentration level with which a driver can operate a vehicle is 0.08. Operating a vehicle with BAC above this level is an offense. In fact, during zero-tolerance drives and for underage drivers, the BAC limit is 0.02. Also, if a driver's BAC is found to be more than 0.15, that driver can expect to face enhanced penalties. In Indiana, the term used for drunk driving offenses is "operating while intoxicated," or OWI.

Actions that can be grounds for insider trading criminal charges

A series of posts published on this blog a couple of months ago discussed various types of white-collar crimes-such as insider trading, insurance fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and money laundering-and the penalties associated with those. This blog post will discuss the various activities and actions that can be the grounds for filing federal criminal charges against an individual for engaging in insider trading.

Man arrested in July for allegedly raping woman last December

Those accused of rape are often subjected to humiliation and social castration. In fact, there are many people accused of rape who are actually innocent. However, the social stigma surrounding a sex crime can wreak havoc in their lives, despite their innocence. It is for this reason that those accused of a sex crime require strong advocacy to make sure that the ill-effects of sex crime accusation are kept under check. This holds especially true when charges and arrests happen long after the alleged crime is committed.

Has fentanyl use led to drug charges for your loved one?

You may be someone who feels the need to help others out of difficult situations. Now that a loved one is facing criminal charges for drug-related activity, you may feel as if you need to find information that could potentially help his or her case. Though this obligation is not necessarily yours to bear, you still feel the need to take action.

A unique initiative for those accused of domestic violence

Incidents of domestic violence are a serious concern, both for the public and for authorities. While there are many organizations and programs that offer support to the victims of domestic violence, there are hardly any initiatives that reach out to those who have been accused of domestic violence. Sadly, domestic violence often stems from some serious personal issues, such as emotional/financial duress or alcohol/drug addiction, which make it all the more important to provide support to the accused.

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