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Month: December 2019

How many people have been wrongfully convicted?

It is a fact that bias exists in the world. Our laws and courts take steps to reduce the ways bias can affect criminal cases, but they are imperfect. In the end, if you put someone charged with a serious crime on the witness stand and then ask a jury to compare his...

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FBI information gathering

Many science fiction movies offer visions of dystopian futures. The scariest ones often look calm and happy on the outside. That appearance is deceiving, as the people in those futures are often completely controlled and constantly monitored.Even scarier? That future...

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Can sexting make you a sex offender?

What do you get when you combine cameras and text messages? The answer, it appears, is sexting. Sexting is everywhere. And it can present real dangers for those who aren’t careful.Fox news recently reported the results of a sexting survey. It found that people...

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