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How does someone prove intent in a fraud case?

You don’t need to commit a fraud to find yourself under investigation for one. You might have made a billing mistake or misunderstood the terms of a contract. Maybe you decided to buy stock in your company at just the wrong time. Or perhaps someone in your office was committing fraud, but it wasn’t you.

How many people have been wrongfully convicted?

It is a fact that bias exists in the world. Our laws and courts take steps to reduce the ways bias can affect criminal cases, but they are imperfect. In the end, if you put someone charged with a serious crime on the witness stand and then ask a jury to compare his testimony to that of a veteran police officer, most juries will side with the cop. If that cop is unfairly biased, the results can be devastating for the individuals and families involved.

FBI information gathering

Many science fiction movies offer visions of dystopian futures. The scariest ones often look calm and happy on the outside. That appearance is deceiving, as the people in those futures are often completely controlled and constantly monitored.

What is Indiana's "Romeo and Juliet" Criminal Code?

In Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet are young lovers from families at war with each other. They meet, fall in love, find their love shaken by a series of violent incidents and die tragic deaths. Also, they’re young. Very young. We don’t know Romeo’s exact age, but Juliet was 13.

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