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Where's the line between fair pay and health care fraud?

All clinics and hospitals want to provide quality health care. Most want to keep improving. Often, that means recruiting the best and brightest physicians available. To recruit these doctors and specialists, the clinics and hospitals need to offer competitive salary, but what happens if they raise the bar too high?

Who are prior bad acts witnesses, and how can they warp a trial?

We all know someone who’s been accused of something that took us by surprise. Maybe it’s a friend. Maybe it’s a co-worker or a celebrity we’ve idolized. Whoever it is, the accusation doesn’t seem to fit. “My favorite celebrity would never do that,” we think. But then other people come out of the woodwork and make additional accusations. They add up, and we think, “Maybe he did it after all.”

Can I be arrested on drug charges after my prescription expires?

Let’s imagine you have an accident. You break your leg and need surgery. You get a titanium rod and screws to hold things together. Your leg hurts, even after the surgery’s done, so your doctor prescribes a painkiller. Because you’re tough, you don’t use all the pills during your recovery.

The problems with eyewitness testimony

One of the most surprising things you might hear after being charged for a crime you didn’t commit is that someone saw you do it. How could that be possible? If you were walking out of a store when someone else was robbing it, or if you were miles away, how could someone say they’d seen you?

What type of person lies about being sexually assaulted?

In the wake of the #MeToo movement and Kavanaugh hearings, men across the United States worried aloud about the impact of false claims of rape or sexual assault. What happens, they wondered, if everyone believes the women by default? How many men’s lives could be ruined?

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