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White collar crime: a vast and materially varied realm

Many people in Indianapolis and elsewhere across Indiana might not immediately think of alleged wrongdoing in the white collar realm when they consider major categories in the criminal law universe. Other types of crime - sexual assaults, drunk driving and drug offenses, for example - often come to mind far more readily.

How long can the police keep someone in jail without charges?

Prison cells can be dirty, uncomfortable and unsanitary places. So, if you’re ever arrested and hauled into a cell, you’ll likely want to get out of there as soon as possible. You may wonder how long the police can hold you if you’re not facing charges.

What counts as sexual assault after the Weinstein case?

The conviction of the powerful movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has changed the way many think about cases of rape and sexual assault. Prosecutors and women’s rights advocates are hailing it as a large win. But what, if anything, does it really change about the way courts will hear rape and sexual assault cases?

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