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Two teens charged in death of elderly woman

Many elderly people in Indianapolis depend upon specially trained nurses to help them when they become unable to care for themselves. Unfortunately, some of the people who provide such services elect to betray the trust of their patients. According to Indianapolis police, a pair of young adults are facing criminal charges in connection with the murder and robbery of an elderly patient's wife.

Indianapolis records first homicide in 2018

Indianapolis saw 154 homicides in 2017, the most murders in one year since the city began keeping such records. The first murder in 2017 occurred on January 3, and, now, the first suspected violent crime - also a murder - in 2018 also occurred on January 3. In 2016, the first murder occurred on January 4.

Car repair may have become car theft

When people in Indianapolis choose mechanics to repair their cars, the one quality they place above all others is trust. "I use him as a mechanic because I know I can trust him" is a familiar refrain. Unfortunately for a woman on the east side of town, her trust of a mechanic turned into regret - and possible criminal charges against the trusted mechanic.

Doctor's alleged murder spawns widespread criminal investigation

A daylight burglary that turned into a possible murder has sparked a widespread criminal investigation by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. A 18-year-old male and a male juvenile have been arrested in the case, but police say they are looking for more suspects. The case may involve a number of violent crimes, including robbery and burglary.

Traffic stop leads to arrest of suspects in Gambino family murder

Routine traffic stops are usually just that - routine. The driver gives his or her driver's license to the officer, the officer checks the computer, and the driver is given a ticket specifying the offense that the officer observed. Occasionally, however, what should be a routine stop quickly morphs into an incident with far broader criminal charges. This phenomenon occurred during a traffic stop in Henry County, just east of Indianapolis, in early September.

Supermarket fight ends in alleged murder in Indianapolis

Supermarkets are not generally thought to be a common site for violent crime, but a brief fight in the dairy department of a Kroger's supermarket in south Indianapolis has resulted in what Indianapolis Metropolitan Police have characterized as a suspected homicide. Criminal charges in the incident have already been filed.

Four teenagers facing gun charges after traffic stop

Traffic stops in Indianapolis generally do not lead to serious criminal charges, but occasionally, a police officer will notice something about the vehicle or the driver that arouses suspicion about other criminal activity. In such cases, the police may make a thorough search of the vehicle, the driver and any passengers for evidence of additional criminal activity. A recent arrest by the Indiana State police shows how a relatively small violation of the state's traffic laws can lead to the possibility of far more serious criminal charges being lodged against the driver and passengers.

Movie theater dispute escalates into murder of 13-year-old boy

An argument between male teenagers in a movie theater in the Castleton Square Mall in north Indianapolis apparently escalated into an exchange of gunshots and the death of a 13-year-old boy. Metropolitan Police detectives are currently searching for the person who allegedly committed the violent crime in the parking lot of a Long John Silver's restaurant across the street from the mall on Sept. 9.

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