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What are the penalties for drug possession charges in Indiana?

People may think of a drug such as methamphetamine and understand that this substance is dangerous and addictive. Thus, this drug is made illegal to possess in Indiana. However, even less dangerous or addictive drugs such as marijuana are also illegal to possess in Indiana. Some people may feel like some of these drugs are essentially harmless, in that they do not cause the user or anyone else harm. However, Indiana law disagrees and makes possession of illicit drugs illegal.

IMPD seizes $750K of suspected heroin and methamphetamines

Police departments do not usually keep track of the relative sizes of their drug busts, but two drug busts that occurred in Indianapolis on July 3 caused an officer of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to describe the seizures as a "once-in-a-career" case. The amount of contraband that was taken into custody appears to be just as remarkable as the nature of the investigation that led to the seizure.

IMPD and Kansas police cooperate in large drug bust

This blog has previously noted the frequency drugs are delivered to dealers in our state for distribution to small-time sellers of street drugs. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) and the Kansas state police recently joined forces to intercept a large shipment of drugs.

Muncie police arrest four and seize more than $20,000 in drugs

Muncie police used a six-month surveillance and tips from neighbors to build a case against a couple that allegedly ran a drug ring from their house, selling heroin, crystal meth, cocaine and marijuana. Details of the case remain murky, but four suspects are now facing state and federal drug charges.

Arrests reveal drug smuggling route from southern US border

Despite Indianapolis' location in the Midwestern United States, police still see lots of drugs that appear to have been made in Mexico and shipped illegally to distributors in Indiana and elsewhere. The investigation and arrest of two people shows how drug cartels use different means to ship their products to distributors in Indianapolis.

Overdoses lead to the arrests of four men

Some of Indianapolis' most vulnerable citizens are the indigent men who frequent the city's various shelters. In January, staff members at the Wheeler Mission men's shelter noticed that some of their clients were engaging in erratic and aggressive behavior. Police were called to investigate, and their findings make up the bulk of the case against four men charged with a variety of gun and drug crimes.

Police, federal agents break up drug-trafficking organization

A joint investigation dating back to May 2016 has resulted in numerous arrests of people alleged to be members of a large gang. The arrests were made on February 23 when federal agents and Indiana police officers executed search warrants at four locations on the north and north-east sides of Indianapolis. The investigation has produced a number of gun and drug dealing charges.

Paramedic charged with stealing fentanyl from ambulance

An addiction coupled with ready access to the addictive substance can be a dangerous combination. The Marion County prosecutor's office filed several drug crime charges against a 30-year-old woman who allegedly stole fentanyl from an ambulance and used the drugs herself.

Drugs and cash in hotel room lead to arrest

A suspected drug dealer was arrested in a north side Indianapolis hotel after police received a tip about possible drug dealing. The sequence of events leading to the arrest raises some questions about the methods used by officers and detectives to enter the suspect's hotel room and seize evidence of alleged drug crimes.

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