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How often are people falsely accused of child porn?

It's an ugly thought--the idea of some quiet, middle-aged man sitting in the dark somewhere while watching children subjected to sex acts. In fact, it's such a sickening thought that Indiana has strict child porn laws to protect children from such situations. However, these laws can backfire when people are falsely accused.

FBI uses electronics-sniffing dog in child pornography case

State and federal investigators have a lot of high-tech tools at their disposal when searching for evidence of child pornography and related sex crimes. In the recent arrest of an Indiana man on child pornography charges, the FBI used one very low-tech tool: a so-called electronic detection canine.

Man arrested in July for allegedly raping woman last December

Those accused of rape are often subjected to humiliation and social castration. In fact, there are many people accused of rape who are actually innocent. However, the social stigma surrounding a sex crime can wreak havoc in their lives, despite their innocence. It is for this reason that those accused of a sex crime require strong advocacy to make sure that the ill-effects of sex crime accusation are kept under check. This holds especially true when charges and arrests happen long after the alleged crime is committed.

Indiana's indecent exposure laws: An overview

Jim Morrison of The Doors was arrested in 1970 for indecent public exposure during a 1969 concert. At the trial, he was sentenced to six months in prison in addition to fines for being guilty of indecent exposure and open profanity. Morrison remained outside prison on a bond as he appealed the ruling. However, he died before the appeal could reach its verdict. Years later, in 2010, Morrison was granted a posthumous pardon by the court.

Some possible defenses when accused of sex assault

Being charged with sex assault can be a life-changing setback for any individual as laws in Indiana are harsh when it comes to dealing with people convicted of a sex crime. The situation is worse if the accused is actually innocent and has been framed due to circumstances beyond his or her control. This is often the case when the defendant believes that the sexual acts were performed only after receiving due consent from the person who eventually accused the defendant of sexual assault.

Removal from the Indiana Sex Offender Registry - Part II

Readers who have visited this blog earlier may know that the previous post discussed how a non-incarcerated registrant can protest the inclusion or modification of his or her information in the Indiana Sex Offender Registry. This post will continue the discussion by sharing further details with the reader about what needs to be done in the event that the non-incarcerated registrant's protest is denied.

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