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Removal from the Indiana Sex Offender Registry - Part I

Indiana has a comprehensive legal system in place for matters related to sexual offences. In addition to listing the penalties for sexual offences and the provision for including a sexual offender's name in the Indiana Sex Offender Registry, the state's laws has provisions for a non-incarcerated registrant to appeal the inclusion of his or her name in the Registry in order to have it removed from the list.

18-year-old student charged with rape and sexual battery

Being accused of committing a sex crime can seriously damage the reputation of the accused. Often, people find their jobs in jeopardy even if they are not convicted and their names on sex offenders' lists if they are. For young people, this can permanently hold them back.

Federal sex crime charges are serious affairs

It can be frightening for an Indianapolis resident to face a sex crime charge in front of a state court. Under Indiana law, sex offenses are taken very seriously and, depending on the offense, can land a person in prison for decades. They also can mean strict terms of probation as well as fines and other repercussions. Additionally, especially if one must register as a sex offender, it may be extremely hard to find a job or even to find a place where one can legally live.

What can I do if I am convicted of a sex crime?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, getting convicted of one of Indiana's sex crimes is always a serious affair. Not only will a person likely face the very real threat of prison time, a conviction for a sex crime could also mean hefty fines and very strict terms of probation which can include mandatory counseling and even curfews.

What are some possible defenses to sex assault?

Allegations of sexual assault in Indiana can be very serious. Even being charged with a sex crime can carry a stigma that may lead the public to presume guilt, even before a trial is completed. This could be very damaging to a person's personal and professional reputation. It is important to understand some defense arguments that could be presented against allegations of sexual assault.

When might a sex offender be charged with an Internet sex crime?

Whether it is through a social networking platform, a chat room or an instant messaging program, there are numerous ways for a person in Indiana to communicate with someone else through the Internet. For most people, this is generally not a legal issue. However, if a person is prohibited from using the Internet to communicate with certain persons, and has previously been convicted of a sex crime, should they use the Internet to communicate with other people they could be criminally charged.

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