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Being accused of a white collar crime is a serious situation

Not every crime involves a violent affair. White collar crimes are taken just as seriously as violent crimes by prosecutors in Indiana. In fact, depending on the circumstances, a white collar crime might be punishable by both state law and federal law. Moreover, accusations of white collar crimes could tarnish a person's professional reputation leading to job loss and difficulties obtaining new employment.

2 State AGs, SEC probe ExxonMobil statements on climate change

The attorneys general of New York and Massachusetts, along with the Securities and Exchange Commission, are investigating whether ExxonMobil has been misleading investors about the full costs and benefits of some of its oil and gas projects. The New York Attorney General has accused the company of making "materially false and misleading statements" in its reports to investors, which would be a violation of both state and federal law.

Justice Dept. considering charging WikiLeaks for publishing leaks

Leaking secret documents for the purpose of informing the public is controversial, no doubt about it. Those who do it are considered heroes by some, perceived to be dragging unsavory secrets into the sunlight so citizens know about them and can demand change. Others consider leakers to be villains who expose legitimately secret, embarrassing and even damaging information out where our enemies can take advantage of it.

Is the IRS targeting innocent businesses for alleged fraud?

Hollywood dramatizations have sometimes referenced the ten thousand dollar reporting requirement that applies to banks. Such depictions often involve characters depositing illegally earned income. Yet a series of deposits just under that threshold may also draw IRS scrutiny.

Are the odds stacked against you in a white collar investigation?

White collar crimes are a certain type of theft. Although they are generally financial and non-violent in nature, the penalties for a white collar crime can be surprisingly harsh. Depending on the amount of defrauded assets, a defendant may be facing more imprisonment than one accused of a weapons or aggravated crime.

Wire fraud: when you cross the crime of fraud with the Internet

The Internet has made a tremendous impact in many different fields. Communication, legal and marketing fields are able to conduct research through online methods. With e-commerce, even a small business can make a big impact, reaching customers far beyond its local boundaries.

Indiana executives face white collar criminal charges

Although the term white collar crime may conjure up images of Wall Street, there are many types of fraudulent activities that would implicate criminal penalties and, consequently, would fall under this umbrella definition. A recent example involves two Indiana executives facing charges of tax evasion.

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