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Conviction is not necessarily the end of the road

Criminal charges and subsequent convictions are universally feared because of the doom that it can cast on the future of the person who has been convicted. The difficult aftereffects of a criminal conviction are felt not only by the person who has been convicted but also by that person's near and dear ones. Often, the social stigma alone is enough to bring the world crashing down around those people. Fortunately, there are certain provisions in Indiana laws under which a convicted individual can seek legal relief.

Field sobriety tests a suspected drunk driver has to take

In order to detect whether a person is driving under the influence, the first step that police officers in Indiana and elsewhere usually take is to conduct a set of three standardized field sobriety tests. Although not fully accurate, these tests allow the apprehending officer to assess reasonably whether the driver's intoxication level is within the permissible blood alcohol concentration level of 0.08.

State courts and federal courts: What are the differences?

The judiciary in the United States is divided into federal and state courts. Federal courts are under the purview of the Constitution of the United States state courts are under the purview of the state constitution, which means that Indiana state courts are under the purview of the Constitution of Indiana. There are, however, certain differences between state and federal courts, based mainly on the type of cases that are heard in each type of court or, in other words, the jurisdiction of each type of court.

Overview of Indiana insurance fraud prosecution

Insurance fraud takes place when an insured party tries to make money from an insurance policy by misrepresenting facts. Some examples of such fraud would include casualty fraud (accident injury claims), property fraud (property damage claims) and workers' compensation fraud (workplace injury or illness claims). While Indiana Code Title 27 and Indiana Administrative Code Title 760 cover the state's overall insurance laws, Indiana Code Title 35 Section 43-5-4 deals specifically with insurance fraud.

Indiana man arrested after DNA match made via a new state law

Prosecutors in Indiana often rely in part on DNA evidence when making their case against those charged with a crime. A law enacted earlier this year makes it easier for prosecutors to obtain DNA evidence. This has led to over 70 DNA matches, including one recent one involving the theft of a trailer.

Can motorists in Indiana refuse to submit to a breath test?

Being pulled over by the police while you are driving can be intimidating for anyone. Most people do not want to get ticketed -- or worse, arrested -- if they believe they have done nothing wrong. This is especially true when it comes to allegations of drunk driving offenses, particularly since the consequences of such charges are so severe.

An overview of Indiana's "Lifeline Law"

There are some instances when a person in Indiana becomes intoxicated, but then finds themselves in a situation in which either another person is facing a medical emergency, in which they have witnessed a possible crime or in which they are the victim of a sex crime. In these situations, the intoxicated person may want to call the police, but they may be afraid that, because they are intoxicated, they may be charged with a certain alcohol offense if they call for help.

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