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What counts as sexual assault after the Weinstein case?

The conviction of the powerful movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has changed the way many think about cases of rape and sexual assault. Prosecutors and women’s rights advocates are hailing it as a large win. But what, if anything, does it really change about the way courts will hear rape and sexual assault cases?

Who are prior bad acts witnesses, and how can they warp a trial?

We all know someone who’s been accused of something that took us by surprise. Maybe it’s a friend. Maybe it’s a co-worker or a celebrity we’ve idolized. Whoever it is, the accusation doesn’t seem to fit. “My favorite celebrity would never do that,” we think. But then other people come out of the woodwork and make additional accusations. They add up, and we think, “Maybe he did it after all.”

What type of person lies about being sexually assaulted?

In the wake of the #MeToo movement and Kavanaugh hearings, men across the United States worried aloud about the impact of false claims of rape or sexual assault. What happens, they wondered, if everyone believes the women by default? How many men’s lives could be ruined?

What is Indiana's "Romeo and Juliet" Criminal Code?

In Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and Juliet are young lovers from families at war with each other. They meet, fall in love, find their love shaken by a series of violent incidents and die tragic deaths. Also, they’re young. Very young. We don’t know Romeo’s exact age, but Juliet was 13.

How often are people falsely accused of child porn?

It's an ugly thought--the idea of some quiet, middle-aged man sitting in the dark somewhere while watching children subjected to sex acts. In fact, it's such a sickening thought that Indiana has strict child porn laws to protect children from such situations. However, these laws can backfire when people are falsely accused.

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