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The relationship between white collar crime and opioids

As many Indianapolis residents have probably heard, Indiana and the rest of the country are facing a so-called opioid epidemic. Indeed, while not a disease in the strict sense of the word, many people are getting seriously hurt or even killed because of painkiller and other prescription drug abuse.

Fraud charges can be complicated to defend against

Whether it is filed in state or federal court, an Indianapolis resident who is facing a fraud charge is facing a very serious affair. Depending on the circumstances, a conviction for any type of fraud can land a person in prison for years. It also can mean additional years on probation, the terms of which can include having to pay back every penny of restitution on the pain of going back to jail.

What is insider trading?

Some residents of the Indianapolis area who pay attention to the news may from time to time hear stories about how a high-powered business executive or even a wealthy individual who happens to invest gets netted in allegations of insider trading. Unfortunately, a person does not need to be a high-roller on Wall Street to be at the center of insider trading allegations. Contrary to what might be a popular image, insider trading does not need to involve "cooking books," shredding documents and the like. It can happen in the course of behavior that, on the surface, is as innocent as a phone call to a friend.

Embezzlement is a serious white-collar crime

Many people in Indiana may have heard of "Ponzi schemes" and other types of embezzlement, but they may not have a clear idea of what exactly constitutes embezzlement. When a person has legal responsibility over business assets, bank assets, trust assets or other assets belonging to someone else, but then uses those assets illicitly for their own personal gain, this constitutes embezzlement.

Insurance fraud charges can net the unwary

The scary thing about many white collar crimes is that, in many cases, an upstanding Indiana resident can find themselves on the receiving end of criminal charges for what from their perspective was simple carelessness. In other cases, someone who thought he or she was just doing what everyone did, saving time, or the like will wind dealing with a criminal accusation of fraud.

Federal investigation leads to charges related to gun purchases

Gun crimes are a hot topic in the nationwide news these days, and the Indianapolis area is no exception. Sometimes, there is more to an alleged crime than just the act of violence. In some cases, federal investigators will track down a gun's origin. These types of investigations are closer to the investigation of a white collar crime than a crime of violence.

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