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Meth use can cause you to suffer in personal and legal ways

A drug addiction is no beneficial matter. Some people may feel that they need a drug to keep moving forward in life, but in reality, substance abuse causes more damage than good. Though some drugs may have a lesser damaging effect than others, any prolonged use or general misuse of a substance could lead to serious or even permanent damage to a person's body and life.

Various types of fraud charges and how to protect your rights

Like most Indiana residents, you probably carry out many duties or engage in various activities on a regular basis that have to do with finances. Whether it's simply managing your own household budget, filing taxes or balancing a checking or savings account, handling money or juggling financial numbers is a typical part of life for most adults. If you happen to own a business, then you likely have firsthand experience in resolving financial problems and overcoming financial challenges of all kinds.

Federal drug schedules dictate potential penalties

You may assume that if a police officer here in Indiana arrests you on alleged drug crimes, that you would face charges in the Indiana criminal justice system. Oddly enough, that may not be the case. While many drug crimes remain with the state, you could discover that your case went to federal court.

Accused of pilfering assets from work?

Finding employment that you like is not an easy feat. Whether you like your job or hate it, you still work hard. Then, it happens, your employer accuses you of pilfering assets. You are fired and even end up facing criminal charges. What can you do?

Charged with fraud? Don't cheat yourself out of a strong defense.

White-collar crime charges are serious offenses, and Indiana residents convicted of these types of crimes could face a myriad of penalties that may impact the rest of their lives. If you find yourself under investigation for a white-collar crime or you are already facing charges, there is no time to lose in protecting your interests.

White collar crime: What is it, exactly?

You've probably heard the term a time or two before, but are you really clear on how Indiana law defines white-collar crime? The phrases white-collar and blue-collar have been around for ages, the latter typically referring to the laborers and middle-class people, and the former signifying upper-class lifestyles and non-labor employment positions. So, what does that have to do with crime? There are many types of illegal activities that fall under this particular category.

Is it still a rite of passage if you wind up in jail?

If you were to survey all college graduates in Indiana to ask them what some of their most memorable moments were during their school years, many of them would likely include tales that have to do with parties. In fact, it's often the more social aspects of a college career that are remembered after graduation. At many schools, socializing on and off campus includes recreational drug and alcohol use. Some say school officials tend to turn blind eyes to binge drinking or marijuana smoking because it's typical behavior.

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