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Drug crimes may implicate both state and federal charges

Officials across the country have been mounting large-scale drug stings. Last week, a force involving federal, state and local law enforcement officers served arrest warrants on over 40 suspects in a nearby jurisdiction. The suspects are accused of various drug crimes, including dealing. Of particular note is the preparation that went into the sting: Authorities began their investigation about six months in advance.

Facing drug charges in Indiana?

Hearing a loud knock on the door and seeing several uniformed officers with serious looks on their faces who are asking to come inside and "take a look around" is a frightening situation many young adults in Indiana have experienced. If the officers are granted entry, and they claim to discover something that raises suspicion of illegal drug activity. The result of such a visit might wind up with one or more persons handcuffed and shuffled off to the backseat of a police car.

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