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Plot to steal cash and marijuana leads to felony murder charges

An alleged plot involving the theft of marijuana and $15,000 in cash has resulted in the filing of murder charges against four Indiana men in Lake County. The case illustrates the effect of the "felony murder rule," a doctrine stating that anyone involved in a felony that results in one or more deaths can be charged with murder, regardless of whether the accused was the actual murderer. The defendant faces homicide and other serious criminal charges.

Three shot during funeral procession for recent homicide victim

Funeral processions are expected to be moments of calm and grieving, not occasions for attempted murder. A violent exception to such expectations recently occurred during a funeral procession at a cemetery in northeast Indianapolis. According to police, three persons received gunshot wounds as they participated in a funeral for the victim of an earlier violent crime on the west side.

Teenager arrested in connection with triple homicide

Triple murders are rare, but triple murders in which a juvenile is implicated as the potential murderer are especially rare. Nevertheless, just such a case may be unfolding in Indianapolis where police have just arrested a 15-year old male in connection with the shooting deaths of three adult males. The suspect is currently in custody and he may be facing a number of serious criminal charges.

Man charged in killing over alleged drug deal

When a business deal goes awry, the parties often wind up in court. When a drug deal is botched, one or more of the parties often winds up dead and the other parties face serious criminal charges. In a recent variation on this theme, an Indianapolis man was allegedly murdered by four men who were searching his apartment for marijuana supposedly belonging to the Mexican Mafia.

Four arrested in connection with armed robbery

The armed robbery of a McDonald's employee has resulted in the arrest of four persons in an incident that occurred in Taylorsville, a small village south of Indianapolis. Franklin Police, the Indiana State Police and the Johnson County Sheriff's Office cooperated in arresting the suspects and in providing an account of the alleged sequence of event that led to four arrests and a number of criminal charges.

Conviction not always the final word of the court

Life is full of surprises, not all of which are pleasant. If you're currently facing trouble with the law in Indiana, you likely agree with that statement. No matter what events transpired that landed you in your current situation, remembering that you always have rights and can maximize all options available to affect the outcome of your case toward your favor as much as possible may help alleviate some of the stress your circumstances have caused.

Fish & Wildlife send 50 agents with warrant for Indiana man's fish

David, a commercial fisherman from English, Indiana, was just served. On May 10, at least 50 federal agents from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service descended on his house in order to serve a warrant. The charge? Unlawfully opening one fish while not in a licensed facility.

Get a second opinion regarding appealing a criminal conviction

When you decided to go to trial and let the court decide your fate, you might not have expected that the court would actually convict you. You've probably heard from one source or another that the possibility of appealing a conviction exists. In truth, you can only appeal your conviction under certain circumstances.

AG Sessions shuts down forensic evidence reform commission

DNA evidence may not be perfect, but it has one truly critical application: Exonerating people who have been wrongly convicted. Since 1989, the Innocence Project says, DNA evidence has led to the exoneration of 349 people. Those people had served a total of 4,763 in prison for crimes they didn't commit. Forty-six percent of the time, their convictions were obtained, at least in part, because the prosecution presented forensic evidence that was misapplied.

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