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Supermarket fight ends in alleged murder in Indianapolis

Supermarkets are not generally thought to be a common site for violent crime, but a brief fight in the dairy department of a Kroger's supermarket in south Indianapolis has resulted in what Indianapolis Metropolitan Police have characterized as a suspected homicide. Criminal charges in the incident have already been filed.

Four teenagers facing gun charges after traffic stop

Traffic stops in Indianapolis generally do not lead to serious criminal charges, but occasionally, a police officer will notice something about the vehicle or the driver that arouses suspicion about other criminal activity. In such cases, the police may make a thorough search of the vehicle, the driver and any passengers for evidence of additional criminal activity. A recent arrest by the Indiana State police shows how a relatively small violation of the state's traffic laws can lead to the possibility of far more serious criminal charges being lodged against the driver and passengers.

Movie theater dispute escalates into murder of 13-year-old boy

An argument between male teenagers in a movie theater in the Castleton Square Mall in north Indianapolis apparently escalated into an exchange of gunshots and the death of a 13-year-old boy. Metropolitan Police detectives are currently searching for the person who allegedly committed the violent crime in the parking lot of a Long John Silver's restaurant across the street from the mall on Sept. 9.

Former tow operated charged with fraud, auto theft and forgery

Tow trucks are a common sight in Indiana's cities and villages, where they are used to haul vehicles from accident scenes and remove cars that have been illegally parked. The former owner of a towing service based in Terre Haute is now facing criminal charges for allegedly using such activity to cover up fraud, auto theft, perjury and forgery.

Judge declares Indiana's civil forfeiture law unconstitutional

Indiana and many other states have civil forfeiture statutes that permit law enforcement officers to seize a suspect's property, including automobiles, without filing criminal charges. Under Indiana's law, property may be held for 180 days before police are required to file a civil forfeiture complaint to determine ownership of the property. A federal judge has recently ruled that this statute violates the fifth and fourteenth amendments to the United States Constitution, thereby giving criminal defense attorneys and their clients a very important judicial victory.

Police investigate three violent robberies in NW Indianapolis

Indianapolis police are investigating three armed robberies that occurred in two apartment complexes in northwest Indianapolis on Tuesday, August 15, 2017. The violent nature of the three crimes and their geographic and chronological proximity have led police to tentatively conclude that the same persons committed all three robberies.

A criminal charge involving taxes can be taxing to fight

Tax evasion is a crime where a company or an individual purposefully underpays owed taxes. If police claim you committed this crime, you may understandably be frightened about what this will mean for your future. You may also feel humiliated and desperate to make your case.

Plot to steal cash and marijuana leads to felony murder charges

An alleged plot involving the theft of marijuana and $15,000 in cash has resulted in the filing of murder charges against four Indiana men in Lake County. The case illustrates the effect of the "felony murder rule," a doctrine stating that anyone involved in a felony that results in one or more deaths can be charged with murder, regardless of whether the accused was the actual murderer. The defendant faces homicide and other serious criminal charges.

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