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Southern Indiana man faces theft charges for catalytic converters

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

We have all fell on hard times at some point in our lives. These hard times force us to make difficult and, sometimes, catastrophic choices. And, for one Southern Indiana person, the police believe they stole catalytic converters.

The alleged acts

According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, based on the reports of Indiana state troopers and Indiana conservation officers from five counties, the local stole several catalytic converters throughout the state. These alleged thefts occurred in Dubois, Orange, Monroe, Lawrence and Washington counties.

The arrest

The authorities claim that they found a reciprocating saw and catalytic converts in the arrested man’s pickup truck. Though, since the authorities believe that other suspects were involved, they have not released any details of the arrest itself or the person who was arrested.

During and after an arrest

While the authorities said they found a reciprocating saw and catalytic converts in the arrested man’s pickup truck, that does not mean that he is the one that actually stole them. There are many legal reasons one could have these items in their truck, but often, once the police believe “they have their man,” all the resources of the state lock in on that person. This is why that, once one is arrested, ask for an attorney immediately. While one will not see one before being taken to jail and booked, it will at least stop the interrogation. Do not talk to anyone, and wait for the attorney to arrive.

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