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We will aggressively confront sex crime charges

An allegation of a sex crime is one of the most serious criminal charges a resident of the greater Indianapolis area can face. In the strict sense of the term, any sex crime in Indiana carries with it the possibility of felony conviction.

Even without the threat of hefty fines and years or even decades in prison, the damage that a person might suffer because of a felony conviction on a sex crime can be life-altering and career-killing.

What acts fall into the category of violent crimes?

Everyone loses his or her temper from time to time. In some cases, this type of scenario may not result in much more than a spat between two people, but in other cases, the situation can escalate. When that does happen, you could end up facing serious charges for a violent crime.

The phrase "violent crime" can actually refer to several different scenarios. The details of the incident can play a role in what type of violent crime authorities may suspect. If you find yourself accused of any type of criminal activity that falls into this category, you may want to make sure you have the right information and assistance for dealing with your predicament.

Woman arrested after threatening neighbors

What may have started as a dispute between neighbors in Indianapolis led to the arrest of a 67-year-old woman. Among other things, the woman is accused of striking one of her neighbors with a 'No Trespassing' sign the neighbor had posted in her yard. The woman denies striking her neighbor with the sign. However, she did allegedly admit to pulling the sign up and tossing it down. She faces charges of criminal mischief, trespassing and, perhaps most seriously, battery.

The woman explained her actions as a response to the neighbors playing their music too loud. Police indicated that the woman had been told not to be on her neighbors' property on at least one previous occasion. Reportedly, her anger with this neighbor stems from a dispute over her property line. Previous reports indicated that the woman had used racially-charged epithets and threatened the neighbors. Others said she had a tendency to target neighbors who were ethnic minorities both through threats and by making phone calls to drug enforcement officers and child welfare workers in an effort to get neighbors she found offensive to move.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

Even if they have heard the term used in media reports or even in the movies, some Hoosiers may not know what exactly a Ponzi scheme is.

Basically, a person running a classic Ponzi scheme will get people to invest in a business opportunity that is reportedly relatively low risk yet able to yield a high return on one's investment. The person running the scheme may fabricate reports and the like showing that the investment is doing quite well.

Sexting can land young adults in big trouble

While it might not be talked about too publicly, the reality is that so-called sexting among high schoolers, college students and other teens and young adults is fairly common.

What some of those who engage in this behavior might not realize is that, under Indiana law, it might also be considered a serious sex crime that can land a person in prison and facing other serious criminal and civil consequences.

Insurance fraud charges can net the unwary

The scary thing about many white collar crimes is that, in many cases, an upstanding Indiana resident can find themselves on the receiving end of criminal charges for what from their perspective was simple carelessness. In other cases, someone who thought he or she was just doing what everyone did, saving time, or the like will wind dealing with a criminal accusation of fraud.

Indianapolis residents have to pay particular attention to these risks when it comes to filing insurance claims after accidents or other unexpected losses. Insurance carriers have the right and even the duty to aggressively detect insurance fraud and, upon discovering it, work with authorities to get a conviction.

IMPD arrests three murder suspects in unrelated crimes

Indianapolis is often cited for the frequency of violent crimes that occur in the city. The crimes include murder, assault, rape and robbery. Indianapolis is currently rated as the 10th most dangerous city in the country. Law enforcement authorities in Indianapolis recently made a dent in those numbers by arresting three murder suspects on the same day.

In one arrest, an Indianapolis man was arrested for the July 1 shooting in northeast Indianapolis that left a 24-year-old man dead. Police have said they believe that the shooting was an act of domestic violence. Earlier in the day, Indianapolis police announced the arrest of a man already incarcerated for an unrelated crime. The preliminary charge indicated that the man was suspected of murder and being a serious violent felon in possession of a firearm in connection with a shooting death that occurred on December 21. The third arrest involved a 19-year-old man charged with the July 16 murder of a 20-year-old man at an Eastside gas station.

Paramedic charged with stealing fentanyl in five counties

Medical personnel often have easy access to powerful pain killers. Occasionally, this access is abused for personal use or gain. The recent arrest of a paramedical technician by Indiana State Police shows how easy such thefts have become.

The investigation in the case began when a member of the Greenwood Fire Department showed a so-called "confession letter" to the Indiana State Police. The writer of the letter was employed by Seals Ambulance Service, and he is accused stealing fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, from five ambulance stations across central Indiana. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is considered to be 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and 50 to 100 time more potent than heroin. The drug is also highly addictive.

Prosecutor declines to charge woman in boy's killing

Many criminal cases proceed from the initial incident to the arrest of the suspect to the posting of criminal charges. In some cases, however, the county attorney's office will decide that it does not have sufficient evidence to establish probable cause for the arrest and the suspect will be released. For example, in a recent murder case, the Marion County Attorney's Office decided to release the prime suspect.

The crime occurred on July 12 when police were called to the scene of a large disturbance on Barnor Drive at about 11 p.m. They found dozens of juveniles, and a 13-year-old boy lay wounded in the street. He was taken to Riley Hospital, where he later died. A local TV station reported that the boy had been trying to break up a fight when shooting erupted. A woman was arrested as the principal suspect in the shooting and was taken to the Marion County Jail.

Arrest ends crime streak of 8 robberies in 7 days

Sports fans are accustomed to following streaks -- base hits in a row, consecutive 3-point baskets, completed passes and the like. Crime streaks do not usually generate the same popular attention, but they nevertheless generate headlines. A recent streak of robberies in Indianapolis was ended with the arrest of a suspect, but the numbers are impressive.

The first of the robberies occurred in late June, and the streak continued for seven days. The suspect was arrested at a gas station just minutes after police allege that he robbed his eighth business. The businesses that were robbed include a Kroger grocery store, Family Dollar Store, Quality Inn, U-Haul rental, CVS store, Motel 6, an ice cream shop and a La Quinta Inn. The suspect is alleged to have use essentially the same method in each robbery. He handed the attendant a note that said: "Give me the money. I don't want to kill you." The suspect is alleged to have grabbed and emptied the cash drawer. He assaulted some of the clerks by beating them with the cash drawer.

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