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Federal sex crime charges are serious affairs

It can be frightening for an Indianapolis resident to face a sex crime charge in front of a state court. Under Indiana law, sex offenses are taken very seriously and, depending on the offense, can land a person in prison for decades. They also can mean strict terms of probation as well as fines and other repercussions. Additionally, especially if one must register as a sex offender, it may be extremely hard to find a job or even to find a place where one can legally live.

However, it is important to remember that federal law also includes several provisions that define and set out punishments for various sex crimes. For instance, if one is accused of crossing a state line and also engaging in sexual acts with a child, then the charge may be filed in federal court. It is important to note that, under federal law, sexual acts can also include inappropriate touching. Someone convicted under this federal law may face 30 years in prison even for a first offense.

Man riding electric scooter arrested for OWI

A young man who was in Indianapolis will face charges of OWI after being arrested by a local police officer. The officer who arrested him said that the man ran a red a light and forced the police officer to slam on his brakes hard in order to avoid an accident.

The interesting thing about this case is that the young man was riding on an electric scooter, manufactured by Lime, at the time of his arrest. This marks the first time since the popular electric scooters came to the area last fall that police have accused a rider of OWI, that is, operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Anger issues could lead to charges for violent crimes

Everyone feels anger at some point or another. However, if someone's anger gets to a point that it has negative impacts on his or her everyday life, it is possible that anger management issues exist. If you have anger problems, they could cause negative repercussions in many areas of your life.

Your relationships could suffer due to your angry outbursts, and coworkers may not want to be around you if you always appear confrontational. Your physical health could even suffer from continual feelings of anger. Additionally, if your anger gets the better of you at the wrong time, you could wind up facing serious criminal charges.

What exactly is money laundering?

Many Indianapolis residents may have heard about people, including high-profile people, getting accused of money laundering either at the state or federal level.

While they may therefore recognize that money laundering is something that authorities frown on, they may not fully understand what sort of behavior the phrase is referring to, as it is admittedly a little strange sounding.

Can a prosecutor call touching a sex crime?

Indiana's laws against child molesting and other offenses that are under the age of consent are actually quite broad. They of course cover sexual intercourse and related behavior, but they also apply to other forms of conduct that could, depending on the context, also be innocent behavior.

To be specific, an Indianapolis resident can face arrest and prosecution for a serious sex crime simply by touching someone under 14 in a way that the police or child welfare caseworker deems to be inappropriately sexual or romantic.

Basketball instructor accused of sexual abuse

A man who was at one point in charge of training aspiring basketball players in the Indianapolis area has now been accused of sexually abusing girls who were his students. According to reports, he was able to post a $25,000 bond in lieu of staying in jail while his case is being decided.

The allegation which ultimately led to the man's arrest stems from something that happened over a decade ago. Apparently, a young adult woman came forward this past summer with allegations that the instructor had touched her inappropriately when she was 13 years old. She also indicated the man made suggestive comments while he was touching her.

If things did not go well at trial, we can still help

An Indianapolis resident may not realize until it is too late how important it is to have the right attorney on their case who knows the law and the facts well and who has a good working relationship with them.

The end result can be that the person has been convicted of a crime, or is facing a harsh punishment, when they did not really deserve, and certainly did not expect, that result.

An Indiana cop pulls you over. Now, what?

If anything is cause for getting a sudden case of the butterflies, it's seeing red and blue flashing lights in your rear-view mirror as you drive along an Indiana roadway. You might have that split-second thought where you hope the officer behind you merely needs you to move over, so that he or she can pass and move on to pursue whomever, or whatever, it is that is begging his or her immediate attention.

Such fleeting thoughts precede the stark realization that you are the one the officer wants to talk to, so you find a spot to safely pull off the road. You can't predict what is going to happen after that. The officer might simply inform you that you have a tail light out and that you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Then again, the officer might ask you to step out of your car. Either way, what you say or do can greatly influence the officer's behavior and the ultimate outcome of your situation.  

Fraud charges can be complicated to defend against

Whether it is filed in state or federal court, an Indianapolis resident who is facing a fraud charge is facing a very serious affair. Depending on the circumstances, a conviction for any type of fraud can land a person in prison for years. It also can mean additional years on probation, the terms of which can include having to pay back every penny of restitution on the pain of going back to jail.

Additionally, even if a person manages to avoid the worst penalties, a person, particularly someone in the business or financial world, may have a very difficult time finding a job after a fraud conviction, as a company may be highly unlikely to trust him or her with money or in any position that requires a level of trust.

Woman arrested in alleged domestic violence incident

Police in Brownsburg, Indiana, a suburb on the west side of Indianapolis, arrested an elderly woman after she allegedly shot her husband. Police were describing the incident as domestic violence.

The woman is now facing serious criminal charges, including aggravated battery.

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