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You Deserve Smart, Strategic Representation In OWI/DUI Cases

In Indiana, operating a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs (OWI) is a serious offense, even if it is your first offense. Don’t assume this is just a traffic violation. OWI can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the specifics of the case.

Instead of pleading guilty, speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis. At Kammen & Moudy, LLC, we have decades of experience with OWI cases and we can help you fight the charges you face. Our attorneys represent people in Marion County and across the state in drunk driving charges. Let’s talk today about how we can assist you with the criminal charges and protect your driver’s license. Your consultation is free.

What Can You Expect For A First OWI/DUI Offense?

For many people, being charged with OWI, also referred to as “DUI,” is the first time they have been arrested and charged with a crime. It can be a scary experience to find yourself handcuffed and in the back of a police car. Sometimes people in this situation plead guilty just to get it over with and go home. That can be a mistake, however. For a first offense, you will face harsh penalties if you plead guilty or are convicted of OWI, including:

  • A driver’s license suspension by the Indiana BMV
  • Up to 365 days in jail
  • A fine up to $5,000
  • Possible installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle

These are just some of the criminal and administrative penalties in Indiana. You may face additional consequences such as a drastic increase in your auto insurance premiums, restrictions on when and where you can drive (if you get a hardship license), and mandatory alcohol or drug counseling. If you have a CDL or a career requiring a professional license of any kind, your job could also be at risk.

You Can Contest The Charges With Our Help

There are ways to challenge an OWI charge, but you will need a lawyer’s assistance. We will review the evidence, breath or blood test results and police procedure during your arrest. It is not uncommon for us to find problems with the traffic stop, roadside tests and testing equipment such as a breathalyzer machine. If we find anything that was not handled according to proper police procedure, we can argue for the evidence to be suppressed and/or the charges to be reduced or dismissed.

Don’t Give Up If You Haven’t Spoken With An Attorney

Let us see how we may be able to protect your rights and driving privileges. Your consultation is free, so call us today at 317-759-7814 or contact us online.