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The Seriousness Of Facing Drug Possession Charges

Whether you’re caught with a few grams of marijuana or large quantities of a controlled substance, the possession charge you could face will change. While on one hand you could face a misdemeanor charge, in more serious situations, you could be looking at felony charges — or even federal drug charges — that come with steep penalties. This could range from a conspiracy charge to a serious dealing felony.

Creating A Strong Defense Strategy

At the Indiana law firm of Kammen & Moudy, LLC, we know what to look for in a drug possession case. We gather details connected to important questions like:

  • What questions did the police ask during your traffic stop?
  • Did they have probable cause to search your vehicle or property?
  • Was a search warrant presented to you?
  • Did they explain your rights to you after your arrest?

If we suspect your rights were violated or that other missteps occurred during the investigation against you, we will take this into account when preparing a defense strategy. We will uncover the evidence necessary to assert and protect your rights.

We Take Your Case To Trial If Necessary

Whether we handle matters inside or outside the courtroom, we will always make sure we do so after carefully considering your situation and needs. We will work with you to reach a satisfactory resolution.

If we do take your case to trial, you can rest assured that the skilled and knowledgeable lawyers at our firm will handle your case correctly. We will guide you through the legal process, making sure you stay informed every step of the way.

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