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Four arrested in connection with armed robbery

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

The armed robbery of a McDonald’s employee has resulted in the arrest of four persons in an incident that occurred in Taylorsville, a small village south of Indianapolis. Franklin Police, the Indiana State Police and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office cooperated in arresting the suspects and in providing an account of the alleged sequence of event that led to four arrests and a number of criminal charges.

According to police, the 56-year old McDonald’s restaurant employee was walking across a parking lot between the drive-in and a nearby convenience store when a car stopped near the man, and the female driver of the vehicle made a sexual proposition. The man kept walking, and one of the suspects got out of the car and approached the victim. The suspect allegedly pointed a gun at the victim’s chest and demanded money, credit cards and cellphone. The victim allegedly turned over his cellphone and $20 in cash. The assailant became agitated and pointed the gun at the victim’s head. The victim continued to deny that he carried a wallet or that he had any more cash. Eventually, the suspect re-entered the car, which then sped away. The victim said he recognized the car as one that had recently used the McDonald’s drive-through window. He immediately phoned police and provided a description of the suspects’ car.

Johnson County sheriff’s deputies spotted the car heading north on Route 31 at a high rate of speed. The deputies performed a felony traffic stop on the vehicle and found four occupants in the car: the female driver, the alleged gunman, another male and a juvenile female. The suspected gunman was sitting on the victim’s cash and cellphone and had a gun at his feet. Police identified the suspected gunman as having a significant prior criminal record. All four suspects were booked and are being held pending the filing of charges.

The evidence against the defendants in this case may appear to be very strong, but each of the suspects is entitled to a defense. Anyone facing such charges should consult with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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