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Basketball instructor accused of sexual abuse

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Sex Crimes |

A man who was at one point in charge of training aspiring basketball players in the Indianapolis area has now been accused of sexually abusing girls who were his students. According to reports, he was able to post a $25,000 bond in lieu of staying in jail while his case is being decided.

The allegation which ultimately led to the man’s arrest stems from something that happened over a decade ago. Apparently, a young adult woman came forward this past summer with allegations that the instructor had touched her inappropriately when she was 13 years old. She also indicated the man made suggestive comments while he was touching her.

Since that time, other girls have come forward suggesting that the man engaged in similar behavior with them. These girls were described as being of different ages, so it wasn’t clear whether the man’s behavior would have been considered a sex crime as opposed to a form of sexual harassment that would be dealt with through the civil court system or other processes.

The judge hearing the case has issued several no contact orders as a condition of the man’s being allowed to remain at liberty on bond.

This story serves as a reminder to all Indiana residents that allegations of inappropriate sexual touching, even if it goes no further than that, can result in serious felony charges.

Punishments for these sorts of charges can include a lengthy stay in prison, strict terms of probation and having to register as a sex offender even after one’s term of probation is complete. Moreover, particularly for those in professions which involve working with children and teens, these sorts of charges can prove to be career killers unless they are confronted aggressively. This man will likely want to mount the most vigorous defense possible to these charges.

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