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Man arrested in July for allegedly raping woman last December

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Sex Crimes |

Those accused of rape are often subjected to humiliation and social castration. In fact, there are many people accused of rape who are actually innocent. However, the social stigma surrounding a sex crime can wreak havoc in their lives, despite their innocence. It is for this reason that those accused of a sex crime require strong advocacy to make sure that the ill-effects of sex crime accusation are kept under check. This holds especially true when charges and arrests happen long after the alleged crime is committed.

Recently, police in Evansville, Indiana, about three hours south-west of Indianapolis, arrested an Uber driver for allegedly raping a woman in December 2018. Although the incident occurred in December 2018 and the investigation was under way since then, the arrest has been made in July 2019, which is after a gap of about six months. The woman’s friends who booked the cab for her said that they could not find her at home when they went there later. Allegedly, the woman was taken to another building and raped.

The affidavit filed by the woman has details regarding how the incident occurred. However, it is worth noting that all the events of that night occurred when the woman was in a heavily inebriated state. Police, however, went ahead with the arrest because the DNA samples collected from the woman were said to be “at least one trillion times more likely” (sic) to belong to the woman and the accused than anybody else. From this statement, it is obvious that no matter how miniscule, there is a degree of uncertainty.

When accused of a sex crime, it is extremely important for the accused to make sure that his rights are protected. Often, this becomes a difficult task because of the negative views that law enforcement agencies and courts develop toward a person accused of a sex crime. For this reason, a person accused of rape, or any other sex crime, may find it beneficial to seek legal guidance as soon as possible. With timely intervention, it may be possible to expose any probable loopholes in the investigation and its findings.

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