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State representative charged with drunk driving and other crimes

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

State lawmakers have an important role to play in Indiana’s government, but occasionally, some legislators exaggerate their importance and forget that the law applies to them, too. The Democratic legislator who represents most of Indianapolis was recently arrested for alcohol-related crimes and for impersonating a police officer.

According to police reports, a 911 call said that a man was spotted in downtown Indianapolis trying to purchase “party favors,” such as cocaine. The man was later spotted in a bar.

When confronted by a witness, the suspect said that he was a police officer trying to execute a drug bust. The probable cause affidavit stated that the man allegedly asked where he could find “people selling drugs.” He then flashed a badge on a silver chain.

When police officers arrived, the man was in an automobile, holding tightly to the steering wheel. He refused to leave the car when requested to do so by police, and a brief struggle was required to subdue him before police could handcuff him.

The man was arrested and charged with a number of crimes. He was accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, resisting law enforcement and impersonating a public servant. Ironically, the man was serving as an Indianapolis firefighter at the time of his arrest. Perhaps trying to intimidate the police, the suspect also said that he was the nephew of the Marion County Sheriff.

The seriousness of the charges leveled against the defendant is demonstrated by the fact that the Indianapolis Fire Department announce that he would be suspended for 240 hours. After serving the suspension, the suspect will be limited to administrative duties. The suspect’s next court hearing is set for August 27.

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