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Indiana sex crimes accusations: broad-based ramifications

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Sex Crimes |

A notable fact concerning a sex-crime accusation is that it can have devastating consequences for an alleged offender, even absent a subsequent conviction.

Sex crimes come with a stigma – sometimes permanent – for any Indiana resident accused of wrongful behavior. The public collectively has a long memory, and even an unfounded targeting can prove materially damaging.

We put it this way on our website at the proven Indianapolis criminal defense law firm of Kammen & Moudy, LLC: “The negative stigma alone is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed and anxious about their future.”

Seasoned defense attorneys get that. They understand what’s on the line for a client in a sex-crime case and the need to work with absolute diligence to ensure fundamental fairness and a just outcome.

Police officers and prosecutors command deep resources in such cases, and they typically seek to secure the harshest penalties possible following a conviction. Given that, a defense legal team must have the knowledge, passion and unwavering commitment to safeguard a suspect’s rights and remain staunchly focused on obtaining an optimal case result.

The catalog of possible sex crimes that can be charged in Indiana is long and varied. A representative list includes the following entrants:

  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Solicitation/prostitution
  • Child pornography
  • Various acts of wrongdoing involving a minor
  • Molestation

Those crimes – and all other sex crimes in Indiana – are felony offenses that carry notably severe penalties.

Much is at stake in any sex-crime case. We duly stress on our website that a defendant will be well served in securing help from a practiced legal team that will “provide trusted counsel and advocacy from beginning to end.”

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