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Unfounded sexual allegation: spotlighting the damage done

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Sex Crimes |

There’s no disputing that most people are inclined to give the benefit of doubt to an alleged victim targeting another person in a sex crimes case.

How flatly horrific is it when a claim of rape, assault or other criminal conduct is untrue?

And what if it is made in bad faith and entirely fabricated by the “victim?”

We note at the established Indiana criminal defense law firm of Kammen & Moudy, LLC in Indianapolis that a false allegation can turn a suspect’s life upside down. We underscore on our website that, “Being accused of committing a sex crime can be incredibly damaging, even if the allegations are unfounded.”

A long-time law professor in another state has undoubtedly stressed many times to students over the years the stigma and linked adversity that can stem from a bogus criminal complaint.

Moreover, he can personally attest to it.

A national media report recently chronicled that individual’s personal horror story following a 100% false rape complaint made by an ex-girlfriend several years ago. Her fabricated story yielded a felony sex charge and netted him several weeks behind bars. The case was ultimately dismissed by a judge who termed the accusations “an untruthful narrative crusade” motivated by malice.

The professor recently prevailed in a civil defamation lawsuit he filed against the woman. The reported damage award of more than $1 million is reportedly the largest in that state’s history.

Such stories are not common, but they occur with sufficient frequency to challenge stereotypical notions of automatic guilt on the part of criminal defendants.

Kammen Moudy attorneys believe that “everyone has the right to protect their reputation and future freedoms against damaging criminal allegations.”

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