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What is perjury?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Court proceedings can be technical and confusing. For Indianapolis residents who are not attorneys and who do not regularly work with the law, knowing just how to approach legal proceedings can be difficult and perplexing. A person may be asked to appear in court to provide testimony on a topic and may be fully unaware of how what they say will be used or explained in the trial.

Individuals can find themselves in legal hot water when their testimony is alleged to have been lies or false in content. They may be charged with the serious crime of perjury. This post will generally discuss perjury, what it is, and how individuals may defend themselves against its charges. No reader should rely on the contents of this post as legal advice or guidance.

Defining perjury under Indiana law

Title 35 of the Indiana Code addresses the crime of perjury. According to the code, perjury is a false material statement made under oath that a person knows to be false or does not believe to be true. Perjury can also be alleged when a person makes two inconsistent material statements before a court or grand jury where one of the statements must be false. When a person is convicted of perjury, they can have a Level 6 felony on their criminal record.

Options for defending charges of perjury

Perjury is a serious criminal allegation with serious consequences. It is important that individuals facing perjury charges take them seriously and seek legal support from trusted criminal defense attorneys like those at Kammen & Moudy for help. Options for defending perjury charges can include but are not limited to:

  • Claiming that statements on which perjury charges are based are not material
  • Claiming that the defendant did not knowingly make statements believed to be false
  • Claiming statements made to be true and proved with evidence

It is possible to get help with perjury charges. Indianapolis residents do not have to face them alone. Criminal defense attorneys are ready and available.

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