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What are successful OWI defenses?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | OWI |

Fighting an OWI charge is not easy, but it can be necessary to avoid serious consequences. An OWI conviction can have different penalties, depending on the severity of the charges and how many prior convictions you may have. It is possible to beat OWI charges, provided that you have the proper defense. Here are some defenses that have successfully beaten these charges:

No probable cause

Police officers need a valid reason, or probable cause, for them to have the right to stop your vehicle. If they pull you over without probable cause, a judge will often state that any evidence they obtained at the traffic stop is inadmissible and drop your charges.

Testing errors

Suppose the evidence from field sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests, or even blood tests appear to be suspicious or inconclusive. In that case, the prosecution may not be able to press charges against you successfully. Experienced attorneys can review the evidence to determine if there is any validity to the tests that police conducted.

Police errors

Police are also capable of making mistakes. Suppose officers failed to review your rights, conducted field sobriety tests improperly, or made other crucial mistakes leading to your arrest. In that case, your criminal defense attorney may be able to defend you against these charges.

Sufficient reason

In extreme situations, the reason a person was driving while under the influence may be enough to defend them against any OWI charges. Suppose an intoxicated person was driving someone to the hospital in a life or death situation, or reacting to a new medication led to them becoming intoxicated. In that case, a judge may dismiss the charges as well.

Do not give up

Multiple OWI convictions can eventually result in a felony and cost you your rights, freedom, and future. Even if you face your first offense, take the charges seriously and work with a criminal defense attorney to beat your charges.


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