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Is criminal sentencing reform making an impact in Indiana?

The Indiana General Assembly passed a law in 2014 that permits courts to convert Class D felony convictions to Class A misdemeanors in certain circumstances. However, the application of those prerequisites to real life criminal cases may require some trial and error.

The necessity of strong defense against any type of drug charge

Criminal charges of any kind can bring serious consequences, some of which have the ability to impact various areas of life for years to come. If you are facing charges for drug crimes in Indiana, from possession of marijuana to manufacturing with intent to distribute, you may be wondering what you should do next.

Wire fraud: when you cross the crime of fraud with the Internet

The Internet has made a tremendous impact in many different fields. Communication, legal and marketing fields are able to conduct research through online methods. With e-commerce, even a small business can make a big impact, reaching customers far beyond its local boundaries.

Withheld pro-defense evidence may uncover wrongful convictions

When it comes to criminal cases, society doesn't benefit from the government trying to win at any cost. Our justice system isn't supposed to railroad the defendant, but to prove his or her innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. It's intentionally set up with the prosecution going head to head, arguing different outcomes from the same set of facts.

The serious consequences of white collar crimes

A criminal charge of any kind can have a serious, long-reaching effect on various areas of your life. It is important to take any type of criminal charge seriously, even white collar crimes. With accusations or charges of a white collar crime, your future and freedom are on the line. It is important to confront these charges with the help of an experienced Indiana defense attorney.
Even allegations of a white collar crime can have a serious impact on your reputation and career opportunities. Fight back by securing legal help as soon as possible, even if criminal charges have not yet been filed. If you are under investigation, you will also find great benefit to securing legal counsel regarding the protection of your rights.

Indiana executives face white collar criminal charges

Although the term white collar crime may conjure up images of Wall Street, there are many types of fraudulent activities that would implicate criminal penalties and, consequently, would fall under this umbrella definition. A recent example involves two Indiana executives facing charges of tax evasion.

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