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Will a sexual assault conviction put you on the registry?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2017 | Sex Crimes |

A recent update to Indiana’s state sex offender registry underscores the serious consequences of a sex crime conviction.

The update resulted in the compilation of the 25 most wanted offenders in 17 counties across the state. The individuals allegedly have failed to comply with their requirements of the registry. Without that monitoring, state officials view the individuals as a potential danger to the public.

Unfortunately, the registration requirement comes with other consequences. In addition to being a public database, the registry may limit where an individual may live, or where he or she can work. The length of the registration requirement might only be for 10 years, instead of for life, depending on the type of conviction. The term may depend on whether a court classified the individual as a sexually violent predator.

Yet even an allegation can cause damage to an accused’s life, well before the trial has even begun. Part of the stigma arises from the classification scheme: All sex crimes are felonies in Indiana. Typically, a felony conviction results in imprisonment and fines of varying degrees.

Our law firm has experience preparing criminal defense strategy for a wide range of accusations. Whether the sex crime allegations involve sexual assault, sexual misconduct with a minor, solicitation or child pornography, we are passionate about treating our clients with respect and dignity. It is the prosecution’s burden to prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and our experience helps us make informed assessments of the prosecution’s chances. Accurately gauging the litigation risks, in turn, allows us to better negotiate on behalf of our clients.

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