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Home invasion, slaying allegedly related to drug crimes

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2017 | Drug Crimes |

There was recently a killing that occurred in the Indianapolis suburb of Greenwood. The killing happened during what police describe as an attempt to steal marijuana.

According to police, a masked man knocked on the door of an apartment in the Bridle Farms subdivision shortly after midnight. When the door opened, at least one inhabitant of the apartment and the intruder began firing weapons. One of the victims called 911 and asked for police assistance. The caller stated that “We need cops here . . . We’re both shot!” Police arrived to find that both occupants of the apartment had each been wounded several times in the arms and legs. One witness said that bullet holes were found “everywhere” in the apartment. Marijuana and at least one pistol were visible in plain sight in the apartment. The supposed intruder was also wounded several times, and he died in the driveway in front of the home. A second suspect who was apparently driving a getaway car sped off. Police were still searching for him at last report. Police said they found $4,000 in cash, a number of guns and LSD in the apartment.

Police noted that “three or four of the last homicides in Greenwood” have involved drugs and drug money. Police said that groups are pooling money and traveling to Colorado where marijuana can be purchased legally. A group will purchase as much marijuana as it can afford and then return to Indianapolis, where the drug is resold at a considerable mark-up. Police said that the accumulation of large amounts of money and marijuana has caused the crime rate in Greenwood to escalate.

Prosecutors have said that the shooting of the intruder was self-defense and that no homicide charges will be filed. However, the two residents of the apartment will be charged with drug possession and drug dealing. The man who drove the alleged getaway car may also be charged as an accessory if he is arrested.

Source: WTHR-TV, “Police: Deadly Greenwood home invasion targeted marijuana,” Jennie Runevitch, Sept. 12, 2017

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