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A unique initiative for those accused of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Incidents of domestic violence are a serious concern, both for the public and for authorities. While there are many organizations and programs that offer support to the victims of domestic violence, there are hardly any initiatives that reach out to those who have been accused of domestic violence. Sadly, domestic violence often stems from some serious personal issues, such as emotional/financial duress or alcohol/drug addiction, which make it all the more important to provide support to the accused.

A unique initiative in a city about 75 miles south of Indianapolis is worth mentioning here. The city of Bedford, Indiana is the only city in the state that has a problem-solving court for those who are accused of domestic violence. The so-called court was started several years ago by a judge and offers a program that helps participants not only to stay out of prison but also to identify the issues, such as emotional distress and drug or alcohol addictions, which eventually led them to commit domestic violence.

The recent event, which was also attended by the Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, was organized to recognize the efforts of four people who were accused of domestic violence and who completed the Domestic Violence Problem Solving Court program successfully. They also shared their experiences with everyone present. The judge who started this program thanked the Office of the Prosecutor and the various other people who helped set up the program and then turn it into a success story.

Although unfortunate, it is often true that those accused of domestic violence do not get fair treatment in the hands of law enforcement agencies. In fact, there have been several cases where the accusations have been found to be false. However by the time the innocence is established, the accused has already been subjected to tremendous harassment. Therefore, to make sure that the rights are protected, it may be a wise decision to seek the legal guidance immediately after being accused of domestic violence.

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