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Domestic violence: an explosive, sometimes complex area of the law

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

The realm of violent crime offenses is vast and varied. It ranges broadly from murder, robbery and arson to burglary, battery and a host of other charges.

Domestic violence is one entrant in the violent crime universe that has garnered progressively more attention from Indiana criminal law authorities in recent years. Advocacy groups are notably proactive in their calling out of the problem and safety-focused efforts, and police officers routinely make arrests when called to homes in abuse cases. Notably, too, prosecutors act with dispatch and severity in their handling of such matters.

Defense attorneys for alleged wrongdoers must also be focused and diligent in their efforts to push back again the harsh charges their clients face. Candidly, things aren’t always like they initially seem in domestic violence cases.

Put another way, as noted in one online domestic abuse overview: “Domestic violence can sometimes be a tricky area of the law involving emotionally charged events and perceptions.”

Police officers entering a residence following a report of family violence frequently confront a volatile and uncertain atmosphere. Conflicting stories often emerge. There are sometimes no witnesses to alleged misconduct. Even when there are, their versions of “truth” can also vary.

Family violence is unquestionably a serious matter, and victims need all the legal help they can secure. That reality does not diminish the tandem fact, though, that individuals sometimes make embellished or flatly untrue claims alleging violence to gain some personal advantage. That has been borne out legions of times, such as in family law matters involving child custody.

Fundamental fairness demands justice for every person receiving attention in a domestic violence case. A proven legal team can ensure that an alleged offender has the opportunity to contest allegations and offer the strongest possible defense.

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