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Indiana drug-linked arrest broadly instructive

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

As drug busts go, this one was big.

In fact, Indiana police officials state that a recent seizure of several types of controlled substances commanded a street value of $25 million or more.

The arrest of a California woman in mid-May came via a traffic stop. Her vehicle was pulled over on I-70 in Wayne County. Police say she was speeding in a construction zone.

The haul: a reported “huge bust” uncovering more than 35 pounds of the narcotic pain killer fentanyl and approximately 11 pounds of heroin. Police say they also found a small amount of methamphetamine. A media release termed the seizure “the largest in the recent history of Wayne County.”

Prosecutors will unquestionably proceed vigorously in the case, bringing multiple felony charges and seeking to apply maximum penalties. Major drug cases are often given top priority by law enforcers.

In light of that, the accused will need a strong legal ally. Proven criminal defense attorneys willingly step up to assume that role. They know how badly a single individual needs candid guidance and diligent representation when squared off against the formidable resources of state – and often federal – authorities.

 Every aspect of alleged incriminating evidence must be thoroughly probed and vetted in a criminal matter. In the instant case, the initial police stop is an obvious point of scrutiny. Did the cops have so-called “probable” cause” to detain and then search the vehicle? Was a search warrant logically required and secured? What questions were asked? Were the suspect’s legal rights explained to her following her arrest?

A fundamental and critically important principle of criminal law is that every arrested individual must be presumed innocent until/unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

A proven defense team proceeds with that assumption and will always make maximum efforts to fully safeguard a client’s legal rights.

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