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Accused of possessing drugs? You can defend yourself

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

You were visiting with your friends when you realized it was getting late. You packed up your bags and threw them into the car. On your way out, your friend stopped you and asked you for a ride. You agreed, and they hopped in the back, throwing their items in with yours.

On the way home, your vehicle slid on some wet pavement, and you went off the road. You and your friend were both fine, but an officer who was passing by saw the near-wreck and stopped to see if you were okay. That’s when he noticed a pipe in the back seat, and he asked if you or your friend had drugs in the vehicle.

You adamantly denied that you did drugs, but your friend just stared at the windshield and wouldn’t make eye contact. Not long after that, your vehicle was being searched, and you found out that there were drugs in the back.

Both of you are facing charges, but you don’t think it’s fair. You didn’t know about the drugs, and they don’t belong to you. What should you do?

Not knowing about drugs can be a good defense

The good news is that not knowing about drugs in your possession can be a good defense, especially in this kind of situation. It may be possible to show that your friend has a history of drug possession charges or that you have a clean history. It may also be possible to argue that there is no way to link you to the drugs.

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