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How do police identify marijuana growing operations?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

While marijuana laws are in flux throughout the country, the penalties for possession, distribution and cultivation of cannabis remain as harsh as ever in Indiana.

Indiana police claim to discover marijuana-growing operations every time they put a helicopter in the air. Helicopters are equipped with infrared detection devices that routinely identify marijuana growth in homes, barns and even in cornfields.

Aside from a targeted helicopter search, what are some other ways police detect growing operations?

Heavy water use

A marijuana-growing operation requires a lot of water. Water use may result in visible condensation on windows. In some cases, the homeowners will cover the windows to keep passersby from noticing anything is out of the ordinary. Unusual water stains and mold growth inside the house may also signal the presence of a growing operation. Of course, these circumstances may have perfectly innocent explanations, and homeowners have every right to cover their windows if they want.

Power generators

A growing operation requires a lot of power. An extreme spike in usage will likely get the attention of the authorities, which is why some growers use their own generators. People passing by the house may notice an unusual amount of noise made by these generators. Again, there are many reasons homeowners may be using a lot of power aside from operating a marijuana growing operation.

Word of mouth

Neighbors notice things. Some look the other way, while some may investigate further or report suspicious activity to the authorities. People in the neighborhood of a suspected grow house may report:

  • People coming and going at odd hours
  • The scent of marijuana escaping from the house
  • Loud music intended to disguise the sound of generators, irrigation systems and other machines

Remember, suspicions are not proof of wrongdoing. When police employ aggressive tactics to uncover grow houses, innocent homeowners and other parties can get caught up in life-changing legal trouble.

If you have been accused of growing marijuana or committing some other drug crime in Indiana, it is very important to consult with a criminal law attorney as soon as possible. Pleading guilty can be a grave mistake. The defense lawyers at Kammen & Moudy, LLC can help you understand your rights and the strength of the evidence police claim to have against you.




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