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Teenager arrested in connection with triple homicide

Triple murders are rare, but triple murders in which a juvenile is implicated as the potential murderer are especially rare. Nevertheless, just such a case may be unfolding in Indianapolis where police have just arrested a 15-year old male in connection with the shooting deaths of three adult males. The suspect is currently in custody and he may be facing a number of serious criminal charges.

Man charged in killing over alleged drug deal

When a business deal goes awry, the parties often wind up in court. When a drug deal is botched, one or more of the parties often winds up dead and the other parties face serious criminal charges. In a recent variation on this theme, an Indianapolis man was allegedly murdered by four men who were searching his apartment for marijuana supposedly belonging to the Mexican Mafia.

Four arrested in connection with armed robbery

The armed robbery of a McDonald's employee has resulted in the arrest of four persons in an incident that occurred in Taylorsville, a small village south of Indianapolis. Franklin Police, the Indiana State Police and the Johnson County Sheriff's Office cooperated in arresting the suspects and in providing an account of the alleged sequence of event that led to four arrests and a number of criminal charges.

Pharmaceutical executives charged in sale of mislabeled drugs

Most drug crimes in Indianapolis and its neighboring communities involve so-called street crimes, in which illicit drugs are sold by the dealer to the user in secretive, cash only transactions. Occasionally, however, a manufacturer of prescription drugs can run afoul of the law by ignoring federal or state laws governing the industry. A recent indictment issued against Pharmakon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., located in nearby Noblesville, charges that the company's executives deliberately violated federal laws that regulate the labeling and sale of prescription drugs.

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