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We will aggressively confront sex crime charges

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Sex Crimes |

An allegation of a sex crime is one of the most serious criminal charges a resident of the greater Indianapolis area can face. In the strict sense of the term, any sex crime in Indiana carries with it the possibility of felony conviction.

Even without the threat of hefty fines and years or even decades in prison, the damage that a person might suffer because of a felony conviction on a sex crime can be life-altering and career-killing.

Moreover, even after one has served his or her punishment, a person convicted of a sex crime may have to register on Indiana’s Sex Offender Registry for a decade or even for the rest of his or her life. Aside from ongoing public stigma, being on the Registry carries with it its own set of legal consequences and restrictions which a person either must accept or risk additional criminal charges for violating.

These are all reasons why Hoosiers who has been accused of a sex crime in one of the courts surrounding Indianapolis will want to mount an aggressive defense to the charges. In this respect, the attorneys in our office have 50 years of legal experience representing those accused of sex crimes between them.

We have handled all types of sex crime cases and have had successful results in many. We understand what it is like to face such grave accusations whether one is a young person just getting started in life or someone who does not want to risk losing his or her family and career.

We take every case very seriously and work hard to be sure our clients understand every step of the process as we investigate and move our client’s case toward trial or resolution.

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