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Ten people indicted on drug trafficking charges in Indiana

Drug dealers in Indianapolis and other cities seldom work alone. Dealers who sell drugs on the street usually obtain them from persons who bring the drugs into a city or neighborhood. The drugs probably crossed state and international borders before they arrive at their destination.

Police investigate three violent robberies in NW Indianapolis

Indianapolis police are investigating three armed robberies that occurred in two apartment complexes in northwest Indianapolis on Tuesday, August 15, 2017. The violent nature of the three crimes and their geographic and chronological proximity have led police to tentatively conclude that the same persons committed all three robberies.

A criminal charge involving taxes can be taxing to fight

Tax evasion is a crime where a company or an individual purposefully underpays owed taxes. If police claim you committed this crime, you may understandably be frightened about what this will mean for your future. You may also feel humiliated and desperate to make your case.

Indianapolis teen faces drug charges following traffic stop

Due to the dangers associated with most controlled substances, being charged with a drug crime can be a serious situation for those accused. Depending on the details of the crime, these charges could carry serious penalties, damaging the accused's personal and professional reputation. Thus, it is important that defendants understand that they may have the ability to take an aggressive approach against drug charges.

Plot to steal cash and marijuana leads to felony murder charges

An alleged plot involving the theft of marijuana and $15,000 in cash has resulted in the filing of murder charges against four Indiana men in Lake County. The case illustrates the effect of the "felony murder rule," a doctrine stating that anyone involved in a felony that results in one or more deaths can be charged with murder, regardless of whether the accused was the actual murderer. The defendant faces homicide and other serious criminal charges.

Three shot during funeral procession for recent homicide victim

Funeral processions are expected to be moments of calm and grieving, not occasions for attempted murder. A violent exception to such expectations recently occurred during a funeral procession at a cemetery in northeast Indianapolis. According to police, three persons received gunshot wounds as they participated in a funeral for the victim of an earlier violent crime on the west side.

White collar crime: What is it, exactly?

You've probably heard the term a time or two before, but are you really clear on how Indiana law defines white-collar crime? The phrases white-collar and blue-collar have been around for ages, the latter typically referring to the laborers and middle-class people, and the former signifying upper-class lifestyles and non-labor employment positions. So, what does that have to do with crime? There are many types of illegal activities that fall under this particular category.

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